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Mission &

Supporting children and their families living with cancer and blood disorders.


Childhood Cancer Connection relies 100 percent on generous contributions from our supporters.


Our programs include: community education, holiday parties, parent support activities, quarterly newsletters, and outings.

Who We Are

Childhood Cancer Connection, Inc. (CCCI)is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization supporting children and their families diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders. Activities include: The Rainbow Connection Camp, community education, holiday parties, parent support activities, and outings.

Our History

1984 -

Founded as Candlelighters.

1985 -

First campers attend the first camp.

1999 -

Name change to The Rainbow Connection.

2016 -

Name change to Childhood Cancer Connection Inc.


Each committee focuses on a key area of activity, which divides the board's work into more manageable tasks. Each special committee is made up of individual members of the board who work directly with volunteers (non board members) and sponsors. Committees will review options and committee chairs will regularly present their findings and recommendations to the board as a whole during the general board meeting.

Interested in volunteering in a special committee please send a message to info@rccamp.org.


Standing Committees

(Board Members Only)

Meets on a as needed basis to review/revise the organization's by-laws.  Any changes are submitted to the board for approval prior to initiating.
Meets around August & September to formulate the upcoming stage for board of directors.  Proposed slate is presented during the October general board meeting to be approved at November annual meeting.  
Meets on the last week of January to ensure that the annual audit is completed per CCCI financial policy. 
Meets on an as needed basis to ensure submission of grants by deadlines.  This committee is also responsible for developing and executing an annual appeal on an as needed basis. 

Special Committees

(Board Members & Non Board Members)

Meets beginning in January for the organization and planning of the year's camp.  Volunteers and committee board members will be under the direction of the Camp Director.  Participants may volunteer and assist with the planning but must pass a background check and application to work at camp.
Meets in the month of July to plan events to bring Childhood Cancer Awareness, during the month of September.
 Committee responsible for  media and communications updates, website, newsletter and projects.  Meets at an as needed basis.
Planning begins in September for the annual holiday celebration which takes place in early December.  Celebration attend by patients and their families along with board members and volunteers.
Planning of CCCI largest fundraising event.  Normally takes place in October.  
Planning meeting begins in January for the annual Houston Livestock and Rodeo trip.   Patients and volunteers can attend the event and concert as long as tickets are available.   A special thank you to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for tickets and to the Galveston Limousine Service for providing the stylish ride to the rodeo.
 Committee responsible for providing/putting together support handbooks for newly diagnosed patients and their families.
Attend community/chamber of commerce events and meetings at an as needed basis.

Join the Board

CCCI is ran by a purely volunteer board.

Board members are elected or re-elected at the Childhood Cancer Connection annual meeting in November. Renewable two-year terms run from January 1 through December 31. During that time, board members are asked to:.

  • Attend scheduled monthly board meetings
  • Volunteer for fundraising & community activities
  • Participate on at least two standing committees

Learn how to join or board. 


Our Executive Board